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Playing a Cleric with a Healing Gift... but the Gift is greyed out, cannot use... do I need to find someone to teach me a spell or something?


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I think you need to have your Talisman equipped?  I'm playing a Knight, but I know to cast spells/miracles/pyromancy you need to equip your catalyst/talisman/pyro hand.

yeah, i equip the talisman as the 2nd shield option

I had to equip it, and then make it active... world of difference being able to heal myself...

when you find the soap stone, you will be able to put your sign on the ground so others can summon you to their game so you can help them. You can NOT use your flask, so others cant heal themselves at all, but you have the miracle heal spell, so you can heal yourself when others who dont have that spell can not since the flask is greyed out when you are summoned.