Clearing the Road block?

I just got the DLC for the next 11 the heck am i supposed to clear this road block? I keep dying over and over again,


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It just keeps to be a LOT harder than it should be for single player and not co-op.

Honestly about to give up, been at it for over an hour

TBH...I started playing co-op about level 35 and I never played SP after that.  I can't imagine playing SP as far as you are.  I'd suggest getting a friend to help you.  The game says with more people, the more difficult it is.  Maybe a little but I really don't agree with it being THAT much harder. 

What part of the road bloack are you on? Because you can use the Monster Vehicle as it target the probes, lancers. etc... try to position yourself back enough that you are out of range of thier weapons but in range with you vehicles weapons and hold down the trigger and it will keep shooting.  You can also target but pressing the a button so the red diamond comes up and locks on.  Try also aiming and firing from the gunner seat to get a better angle.

Go get a bit more XP on other quests in the game, then come back to Knoxx. Lvl 36/37 and you'll breeze through it.  I presume you are doing playthrough 1? If not, 52/53.

And remember, If you are going up against Shock Troopers, they are pretty much immune to shock weapons, Pyros are immune to fire and Chemical Troopers are immune to Caustic/Acid.

 If you have a shock resistant shield, that helps also. My old running crew and I got caught in a never ending loop of dieing, spawning, dieing, spawning, until we figured out that the probes and Lancers were taking down our regular shields in no time.

Those shock troopers are the most annoying ones out of the whole bunch. Like salminio said,try to find a shield thats shock resistant,make sure it has a decent recharge,and capacity. Use weapons like the combustion Hellfire smg to make short work of the chem and shock troopers,and a pestilent defiler or any weapon with the corrosive element on the pyros.

Well....also...what character are you using.....I know alot of people say it doesn't matter.....but I played single player general knox on playthrough 2 with a siren.....not any other it might depend on advice people give you depending on what character you are using in Knox Armory......Since I was a Siren, I used phasewalk alot to go between cover, I forgot the name of it...but make sure to equip the class mod that speeds up the cooldown rate so u can phasewalk fast when needed.....I also equipped Transfusion grenades to regain health inbetween phasewalk cooldowns and a shield with a quick health regeneration....those four things helped with the staying alive for the killing.....I used a pestilent defiler(corrosive is a must)...but I used one with a high fire rate and larger clip size rather then a 2 shot high damage pistol.  The other weapons were a really good Combustion Hellfire(fire), an Ogre(blast), and my fatal crux shotgun(blast) with very high fire rate and blast damage! Later on for Crawmerax I used a nice Double *** SMG since it had higher critical hits....anyways....that's a little bit on how I did general knox solo on playthrough 2...but like I need to let us know what character you are using since different characters play differently and u need different strategies for ech if playing solo.....I tried all four characters but since the siren blasts through quests so fast the other characters just looked to run way too slow.

Ogre+ blast hammer on Brick with the master blaster class mod=short boss fight with knox.