Clearing 360 cache?

Does this help from games locking up?  Or is that just EA servers?  Doubt its red ring of death.


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The game has been locking up on you too? I had this happen to me twice just recently and I thought it was my xbox begining to fail.

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Locking up and dashboard.  Some bullet sponging games too.

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Locking up and dashboard.  Some bullet sponging games too.


It sounds like a few issues. The Lock-ups or "freezing" of most Games can be corrected for a time being from Clearing or Maintenance of the Cache.


The Dashboard "thing" is a known issue from either or both a Glitch in BC2 or the EA Servers. In short, it just happens.


The "bullet sponge" games are usually due to being an overseas Server and there isn't really anything you an do about it other then finding a new Match or try increasing your ISP Package speeds. Take note though, this will not completely eliminate "lag" or Latency all together because you are playing over Dedicated Servers which do most of the work after your ISP.