Clear Modem with wifi good for xboxlive?

I was thinking about buying this device from Clear for some internet at home.

I heard some good things about clear, but I want to know if it works well with xboxlive. I don't want to lag to much in matches and such, so does anyone else have experience with Clear? Should I get something else?


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I'm not sure I can provide a good answer but I can give you some warnings.  If you play FPS games, your ping rates will likely be too high which means you will see too much lag.  In my experience so far, a direct connection is the best way to go for FPS games.  I've tried wireless N connections but still like the hard wire most as it provides the best gaming experience for me.  What other options for ISPs do you have?

I don't know what kind of speeds you'd get from that, but even if they were quick, the biggest problem with mobile Internet is high latency which even on a 4G connection could still be very high.  Latency is measured by what is called a Ping time, essentially how long it takes your modem to send and receive data (think of a submarine sonar ping).  An idea ping is anything below 100ms, go any higher and you will be at a major disadvantage in online games.  In other words, you'll lag, a lot.


Can you not get Internet by any other means, DSL or Cable?

As said before, a direct connection will be best for online gaming. I used to run wireless to my xbox but would lag really bad so I switched it to ethernet and had no problems since.

Like I've already stated, Clear is a 4G wireless broadband, basicaly the mobile web, which may be fine for the odd bit of internet browsing but it won't be good for Live gameplay. The ping times will be too high, regardless of whether you wire this direct to your console or not.


Seriously if you want to play online I would look at something else.

Think about the "ping" to a satellite. There's your answer. Downloads can be incredibly fast... once you establish a connection. However, when you pull the trigger, you need it to shoot then, not 2-3 tenths, half of a second later. You want less that 1/10th of a second. Under 50ms is great...playable up to maybe 150.

Interesting. Due to the fact that my modem is upstairs (a 2WIRE device), I was unable to run an ethernet cable and relied on the Xbox wireless internet adapter for my 360 to get XBL. I've been playing XBL on wireless for almost 4 years now and I haven't had any issues with bad signals or lag. Usually if I'm lagging in a game, my whole team is as well.

Can anyone help me with connecting my Xbox 360 to my wireless clear device I tried but it keeps telling me some error.   Thank you