Clear eyes, full hearts weekly challenge

Win 50 games in multiplayer Matchmaking this week. 

Not a particularly fun challenge and I'm finding it a bit of a grind if anything. If you're relatively good at Halo and would like to complete it, you're welcome to add me and we can help each other :D

I'll be online all night Friday and all of the weekend trying to get this blegger done!


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This challenge is tough if you don't go in with a group.  I played 11 games last night and I think I only won 3 or 4 despite going positive every game except for 1 (I actually went negative in 2 games, but I was just betraying/killing a teammate the whole time in one of them because he tried to kill me for sniper).  I just kept getting stuck with horrible teammates that would go negative double digits and be faced against a team of 4 people.

Ugh, yea, it sucks, I keep getting matched against full teams in BTB (my favorite playlist) :(

best playlist to grind this I think should be SWAT, thats if 343 havent get rid of it

If I'm on friday send me an invite and we can play whatever you like, we can try this afther FGN or in between depending on how many can we get in the lobby

should be a breeze with the forum guys/gals

As of now I have 48/50 done. thismorning I had 40/50.

I am FED UP with this El Crapo challenge.

Do you think I can win 2 lousy games to finish it...hahahahahaha, I have no idea what the problem has been for most of today (appart from lag...and a couple of aimbot type modders......yes, if u want to see the film of the game i will upload it to fileshare) cause Ive been getting regular hidings from low ranks, and a good deal of verbal abuse from assorted Aholes who think they are Halo Gods and I am the Halo Devil.....aaand I have only 3 more days to finish it! At this rate I wont make it....

Yeah, it's all going that well.


A thourough swine of a weekly challenge.......343 should be ashamed of themselves.

I think its a stoopid challenge too. Like AppleYard, I keep getting lumped in with a load of sh*t players or those who are idle and even though I get a positive kill/death ratio for most of my games, (and even when I get like 23 kills) we still lose becuase of one or two Godawful team mates!

I think I've got 34/50? Team Slayer is the only play list I play in and I hate SWAT.

Remember a few weeks back when there were complaints about the weekly challenge being too short/easy?

Ha! Wouldn't ya know it....after whinging about the challenge, I got it done.

Doing the weekly isnt hard, you just need a reasonably good GB team to play over a week

I finally finished the weekly challenge on Friday evening. God there were some close calls and I really wish I didn't have the sh*t players on my team! On the other side is fine but not on mine!!!

I'm sure there are less experienced players than you Satoshi Fudo, but there was a time when you were one of them yourself, you may be forgetting that.


Also think of those who suffer from isn't easy to time your actions to compensate for that as it is often irregular.

I get lag about 4 in 5 games and get hidings from much lesser ranks, and sometimes I get bagged out for being "crap" (hence the GT).....but when my connection is good I do well in games.


Perhaps some just play for entertainment. They have no disire to be a Halo God, they just want to have a little fun and probably don't care if they win or lose.

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