Clean my view

How do I clean my view or whatever it is in front of my view? I can not see too well with all the dirt and what not in front of my face, not the red stuff, it's sort of like dirty water splashes glare stuff that won't go away.


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Not sure if you can , you have to deal with..

I know the glare is realistic, but I'm getting to the point where I like games less realistic anymore.

if all else fails , ya might consider taking a baseball bat down to DICE HQ, and go "Tonya Harding" on someones knees

Go back to COD if you dont like it.

Must be a glitch or something because some of  the glare got burn-in and carry onto the next stage and into the cut scene.

Its to hide flaws like Fable blur

Maybe try some Windex on your TV screen... ;-)