Clean and friendly drivers needed for organised Racing Championships

Currently at we are completing our first season on Forza 5 and we are looking for new drivers to come and join the already established racing teams to take part in races and rivals challenges.

We race every Sunday night, with the challenges ongoing throughout the season.   Participants drive for established teams and can earn our virtual prize money with race participation and meeting virtual sponsor goals.

Its a lot of fun and we try to keep the racing as clean as possible.  Accidents happen, but we behave like adults, apologise, give places back etc but more importantly, we have  a good laugh doing it.

So if you want to come and join in on this and a cracking gaming community, then sign up at


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Just wondering, what's the general age of the members?

Just how clean and friendly do they have to be? Are we talking OCD type of hand washing every 30 minutes and never touching anything directly with their hands e.g. pulling ones shirt sleeve down over their hand when they open a public door type of "clean"? Also, the friendly part. Are we talking like "hey, how you doing" as a matter of small talk type of friendly or are we talking "Can I put my hands in your pocket and feel around" type of friendly? It makes a difference ya know!

P.S. In terms of "clean". Does this also involve meticulous grooming of facial hair, dental hygiene verging on causing the gums to crack open and bleed (really, do you verify applicants floss), hair combing, pressed and starched shirts, etc? I could starch my undies if it would help but the last time I did that I developed more than just chaffing. Not fun!

We are looking for mature 16+ for the forum, as for clean it's about having fun enjoying the race and not wanting to win at all costs, for example ramming people off, new season due to start soon

Sing up now to take part

Intersting suggestions Harry, I think the OCD rule must be introduced for us next season - lol

Ultimately its about turning up, having a laugh with some friends that don't drive like idiots and try to ram you off the road.

Also, we have methods in place to ensure that it remains competitive throughout, so whilst its for fun, its human nature to have a little bit of competitiveness, so we ensure the fastest drivers will always be in direct competition with each other, leaving the slower drivers to have their own little battles.

See, fun and fairness all in one and you don't even need a blue peter badge, although it helps if you have one

Still sign ups available. If your interested then you'll have to be quick as it's only a few weeks before lights out.  

Owner and driver places available ready for season 2, pop along and have a look

Season 2 starts on the 4th May so pop along a check us out