Clay;The Mystery Mineral

So, I've been searching and searching for this stuff, but have yet to find it. Apparently, it's more rare than diamonds.... Has anyone else found any clay? If so, how much and where?


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I only found enough to make 2 brick stones and the clay was on top of sand

Before 1.7, Clay was only found in perfect Y and Z coordinates. So on the entire map there's only like 1 spot where there's clay. When 1.7 finally releases though, you'll find clay in the ocean or in a river.

I need clay.  Just need to make one button for my refrigerator and my kitchen is complete.

in the real world it's common yet in this game it's the rarest of the rare.

if i ever find it, it will be duped.

Class has strict generation requirements in 1.6.6

This will be fixed with the 1.7.3 update.

So no brick house for me :I.... Hopefully the update makes the stuff more plentiful, because I've found pretty much every mineral in the game other than this one.

The question is, will it form in our world or are we going to have to start a new game if we've already explored our maps?

My bet would be that we'd have to start a new world for it to generate. Although, it would be nice for it to form in already existing worlds. Oh, the possibilities.