Claymores returning to BF3? Anybody know?

Does anybody know if claymores are returning to BF3?

Claymores were in BF2.


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I'm sure others will disagree but I would like to see them return.

I think C4 has pretty much replaced them, but I haven't heard anything about Claymores in BF3.

i think if you can resupply them like you can C4, i think it would be good. but i know a lot of people would just spam the field with them.

Oh god no.

there gonna  be booms in the game

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Oh god no.

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If claymores are going to make a return, they are going to have to limit them like 2 without the abiltiy to resupply until you die. Nothing like prowling the streets of Karkand only to hit a bleeping clay