Clay Soldiers

Hey just a thought lets not chew my head off guys and gals lol but i have been dying to play with some clay soldiers on my xbox 360 i think it would be an amazing add to the xbox 360 edition and would be loads of fun. just a thought if you agree or have any idea about such do say so i have never minded criticism just dont be a hater hating isnt cool or funny. Anyways let me know what every thinks about it.

I personally think it would be an amazing idea now if i am remembering correctly the original clay soldiers was a mod created by someone not in mojang idk for sure i imagine its true but cant we just get over that and allow them into the game its an awesome mod i personally love it and think it adds allot to the game.

Comment away xbox peoples :P


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Clay Soldiors is were you take some clay and dye and craft them to make a small little clay creature that fights other colors of clay creatures. They also build houses and bases.

Iron Golems will be coming to the Xbox 360 soon enough. Just be patient...

I don't think "mods" will ever be added, but you got me curious what does the mod do? I have never heard of it as I don't play pc.