Classic Ultimates for Classic Skins

I think it would be cool if the classic (retro) skins were able to perform one classic Ultimate (No Mercy) Combo.

Jago: Crushes opponent with a vehicle

Orchid: Frog crush (boob flash probably will never return)

Glacius: Absorption

Sadira: Wrapping in web and hung upside-down (just made that one up but would be cool to have an exclusive finisher for her alt. skin)

You get the idea!


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I agree with getting a Retro ultimate or no mercy, but I don't think they should be exclusive to Retro costumes.

And Orchids boob flash REALLY should make a return, I know it's kinda unlikely, but seriously... you see nothing, and if teenagers can't handle references to boobs, then I guess the teen rating should be renamed to 6+... like it isn't enough that everything has to be politically correct these days... hah, it's okay to kill people for teen ratings, but CLEAVAGE! OH SWEET JESUS ARE YOU CRAZY... I know violence is kinda human nature even though we won't admit it, but sex is all creatures nature... why does it have to be so covered up all the time?

I definitely don't want to see the "boob flash" make a return. Not because I find it particularly offensive, or anything, it's just extremely tacky, and really has no place in a fighting game. They wouldn't have Jago dropping his pants as a finisher, and that is really no less ridiculous or tacky than Orchid (or indeed any female character) flashing her boobs at her opponents. I don't want KI becoming the next Dead Or Alive. :P Besides, the new Orchid has a more serious aura about her than her classic counterpart, so it would seem out of character for her to resort to that kind of nonsense to finish her opponent off. when it's much more likely she'd simply knock them into the middle of next week. lol

I do like the idea of classic ultimates/no mercies returning though. Every character should have 3 ultimates/no mercies, 2 new ones, and one classic. New characters like Sadira can just have 3 new ones. xD

Personally, if they did classic ultimates and didn't bring the boob flash for orchid I'd be very upset. It was a classic.

Honestly, I think we should steer clear of trying to being much of the old game back in it's original fashion. I think we should concentrate more on going forward than dipping into the nostalgia of the past. I'd rather the dev team spend time creating new material than wasting time trying to bring the past back. Imagine how much more could have been done if we didn't have classic costumes. I mean they are nice but I'd rather have had lobbies sooner or more customization option of the current accessories. Save bringing back the past when all the original characters are in the game.

Please lets not have another 20 pages on the boob flash subject like on the DH forum.

Yeah maybe it would be easier to have all the skins do the same finishers but I think it would give the classic skins a little more to be excited about.

I wouldn't mind boob flash making a return but simply because I think it's hilarious but I won't be upset if it doesn't make it.

I want to see Glacius turn someone into a frozen statue or something make the effects look interesting.

I also hope to see someone get distinitgraded to.

Instead of the boob flash, just have Orchid break a lot of bones or something. ;)