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I just read this weekends event include Classic Horde by which I assume mean the loss of Fortifications? Has anyone played it? and if so how is it?  I wanted to do Horde achievement run tonight for the Force of Nature achievements but if Classic Horde isn't any fun then I will just wait till next weekend.  I am stuck at work and won't be able to get on for another 12 hours, let me know what you think of the event. Also if you interested in doing the waves 1-50 on the new Maps let me know and we can hopefully play tonight in a private match, I like my mutators when I play horde.


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I just attempted to play horde so I could work on ranking up my silverback for the stock piled achievement. But that plan got screwed up due to Epic douchbaggery.

I played 12 waves earlier, it's okay there's no 30 second countdown between rounds, weapons are free only ammo costs, there's no fortifications as you said, and no lambents, everyone's got evil bunny heads on, theres no buy in if you die and there wasn't a boss wave at 10 really just a few blood mounts, but to be honest I preferred the glowie event and challenges every 2 rounds, it was more fun. Beast mode had the biggest update though, tier 1 has a grenadier with cleaver and gorgon pistol, tier 2 has him with a sawed off and smoke and tier 4 has him with a torque bow and frags, you also get cog gears and heroes straight away at round 1, it's pretty cool.

Do these change also affect private matches? I assume they do because 2 /  3 of Horde matches are private.  Would have been cool if this optional event because it seems it will only appeal to a smaller crowd especially with a DLC pack only a week old with some of the achievements tied to Horde.  Oh well Get Gnasty it is, and Horde next weekend.

Yes they do, although there's no bunny heads in private games.

Completed all 50 waves and it was tons of fun, really intense! I do prefer having fortifications, but I never played Gears 2's horde.

Do we get a "War Supporter" medal for this event?

^^ yes.

Not having fortifications wasnt a big deal as you could go from wave 1-50  a lot faster without the 30 second countdown. Saves about 25-27 minutes.