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Does anyone know something about the release date of this awesome Undead Labs/Microsoft Games Studios project?

I heard that it won't be here by christmas 2011, but is there some solid information??

For those who does not know what class3 is, just google it.. It's a ZOMBIE MMO, and the leading head of the project is the co-producer of  World of Warcraft!! pretty sweet unh??


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the developers have to request a forum to the moderators on here, if its not a well known game like gears or mass effect it might not even get a forum.

already has a forum dude, this one.. The game is EXCLUSIVE to PC, no PS3, no Wii....

In the game diary it said it's release is around march but is that next year or just an indirect comment that has no meaning? The gameplay and other video is around a year old including any other videos sadly if it doesn't come out this year many people will probably assume they either ran out of funding or it will be much longer and many of us have already been waiting a long time either way Microsoft may have something more to say because undead labs won't tell us when to expect it

And the award for the oldest thread dug up goes to.......

Try not to revive old threads, whilst it is not against the rules and maybe in good intent, the OP may not return to it and or may have already got the information they needed. It can also cause duplicate threads to form with threads that have been created over the past few days. It is better to reply to a post when they are created and or a few days later, not a plus year later.

For anyone wanting to know, I posted in a recent Zombie MMO specific thread with the recent up to date news with this game, there is still no word of a release date. You can check post out here. You can also keep an eye out on their Twitter page with recent news like a posted FAQ they did about the game last month. The game will also be on PC. Please join the other thread in discussion with class3, thanks.

Yeah well ur thread didn't show up when I searched so stop pouting about it you big babies and yes it's old almost everything you can find on this game is wow really ur pointing out what I and everybody already know and acting like I'm stupid for doing it so get off your moms pc before you f. It up

He posted a question I replied that's all... I myself would have liked an answer regardless of when the thread is from as I pointed out majority posted on this subject isn't that recent