Clarification please?

About a minute into the zombie video on xbox's home page he says "If you bought the collectors edition you will get moon for free".

I got the hardened edition of black-ops, does this mean I will get Moon and the 4 classic maps they re-made? Or will I only recieve Moon and have to buy the re-made classic maps? Or does the hardened edition not qualify me to get any of them for free?




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The 4 W@W maps came WITH the Hardened Edition, which I bought on midnight release. If you have the Hardened Edition, you should have the W@W maps already. Then on August 23, you can download the Moon map for free.

Yeah, that is exactly it. Either way, if you have any edition which isn't the basic stand-alone game. It's free.

i better be able to redownload my WaW zombie maps cause before they released this...those maps were collecting dust and taking up space. but now my friends are going to start playing zombies -___-

I had to search through my download history for them, haha. About time these maps will be put to some good use!

^^The W@W maps for BOs have been reskinned and updated with new weapons. You cant use the old W@W DLC, its gotta be from BOs Hardened Edition or the Rezzurection DLC.

Can you buy a used hardened or collectors edition black ops?  If so, how would I know if that's the disk I bought.  I only ask because I bought my black ops used.

it comes with a code to  download them with

Most likely if you bought it used you wouldn't have gotten the code for the maps.

i traded in my used copy of my hardened edition that i preordered and you better believe that the first thing i did as soon as i opened that box was redeemed my code. basically you got a better case for your game buying the used hardened editon, but it didnt cost more than the regular preowned.