Hey guys i am Yotallo and im looking for a clan. Most of the time i play fifa and sometimes mw3 here is some info about myself. Age : 17 Country : The Netherlands Fifa 12 Division : 2 Best division : 1 Own player : 83 (SP) I will make division 1 in no time again. Mw3 k/d ratio : 1.29 Favourite map: Arkaden Prestige : 1 Level : 61 Most of the time i play domination. [srry for my bad grammar] I hope this is enough information! Yotallo

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Srry i typed this on my iphone didn't know that it came out like this trolololol

Join ATHF. We like to spawn kill and do moabs. Pm if interested.

Glad you decided to join us! :)

:) Btw guys im back on track in division 1 #fifa12