Clan Websites Vs. Elite

Well I know that a lot of gamers enjoy clans.  But have you every really thought about these site being a forum of phishing. Every time you visit you give them your ip address.  With this they can find out alll kinds of info about you.  The guys who start the clan website are more than likely friends in real life.  They swear about each others integrity, but really they have none. After all they do not have to face you in real life.

Enter Elite.  If you are friends in real life you can face book connect.  You can clan up and activision is in control of the rules of conduct.  You have a web site to group up.  No more god website owner controling all the groups.  When clan ops comes in it should be a lot of fun.  Whats great it still give you a place to post.

Just remeber some people on xbox have been hacked and they are still not sure how it happened.  They avoid all the obvious scams. But have they ever considered its the web group or clan website they have joined?


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