Clan Tag problem

I've only noticed this problem with Modern warfare 2 and black Ops, I want to change my clan tag to [Cat] as my clan tag for both games but I always get " ERROR Clan name denied due to prohibited text "

I've never had a inappropriate Gamertag, profile or Clan tag, as my old clan tag use to be [Xx]

I've read online some reasons and solutions:

  • Clearing the cache: I've done this three times, with no change
  • The word is inappropriate or owned etc; how is Cat inappropriate?
  • My Gamertag is denied/blocked; There has been no email, window or message informing me that i've been removed.
I really would like a solution to this problem. Thanks.

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Your clan is too scrubby, get your wins up.

Clan ability and number of wins has nothing to do with this, troll. This is a valid issue that is effecting numerous people. Activision has a buggy filter that is denying people the ability to use clan tags for whatever reason. It's been a problem for me in MW, MW2, WaW, and BlOps, through multiple 360's. Check this thread if you haven't yet Dark Element