Clan Support!!!!!!

I heard the patch for the PS3 dropped and have seen screen shots and heard all the moans n groans but now I find out......................................There is full clan support now!

The player I heard this from will probably confirm  this info as he posts on here regularly . I have played with him for years and find it hard to beleive its not true. 

Can anyone else confirm this ?


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It would be really nice if you could join squads in some way. So when you have more than 3 buddies you can see your friends in a different squad. Idk would be nice if you could tell between friends outside of squad and randoms from a distance.

....ummm.....any athletic support?.....luggin' big ones here man

My wife bought some short boxer/brief style cotton/spandex undies from Old Navy with a built in junk pocket for me to run in. They hold the junk nice and snug.


Alright, alright...sorry Bigdaddy. Clan support has limited appeal to me cause I can't get myself that involved in a shooter, or any video game for that matter. In fact, Sometimes I can't bring myself to play a video game for days. Oh God, please tell me I'm not finally growing the hell up since I'm now over 40. I had intended to enjoy video games until arthritis is so bad I can't hold a controller but my interest is waning. This scares me...


None the less, it's nice if they include that support for sure.

...don't feel bad Harry, despite making some cool similar minded friends on XBL....I have a hard time peeling myself away from the wife and family to play as of late...who knows though, maybe having "my own" server for BF3 might just give me the incentive to set my priorities "right" and play video games more often

I play to get away from my family for a short