Clan Search Round 3

Hello clan discussion forums.  I am going to attempt this for a third time since the first two attempts seemed to fall on deaf ears....or eyes....anyways third time's the charm!


Greetings, I am a 26 year old male who has been gaming since classic Nintendo.  I have literally played every system that has come out and have been gaming a long time.  I am mature, have a headset, a follower type meaning I take order and direction well but I do not take well to leading positions and I rarely speak when in a party due to being shy.  That can change though if I get to know people.


I am seeking a clan that plays Halo Reach, Battlefield 3, soon to be released Borderlands 2 (have my pre-order waiting, can't wait to get it!) and the occasional Minecraft though a clan doesn't have to necessarily play Minecraft.  What I seek most though is friendship through group interaction and this is where I hope being a part of a clan will help.  I suck at making friends due to being shy and having social issues.  If you play CoD or Halo Reach during afternoon hours you will understand why I choose to keep to myself "shudders".


The clan I seek must be at least 18+, mature, enjoy the game more than k/d or being number one ALL the time and above all must want to have fun when gaming with others.  I'm all for *** around when it's 1 a.m. and half the group is drunk but when it comes to the clan wanting a serious battle I always bring my A game and my serious face.  I can have fun and be goofy but get down to business when need be.  I am a nice guy when you get to know me and I just wish to make friends who actually want to get to know me.


If I sound like a good fit for your clan then by all means PLEASE message me.  The only way I know if you are paying attention and have reading comprehension is if you reply here or via message.  Messages to myself will get answered, forum posts will not.  It shows that I am wanted when people actually try to converse to me directly rather than forum posts, apologies if this upsets anyone.  Thank you for your time and I do hope to hear something soon.  


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