Clan Reputation

Hey clan owners,

I'm in the process of creating a website for xbox clans,
It's completely free to submit your clans website.

I know there is similar 'top100clans' etc,
but this is only clan reputation, it will help clans find a clan with a
good reputation to play against etc,
Will also help clans on the site with search engine placement.

Users will be able to click on the clan to view some information,

  • A simple 'about the clan'
  • The Clan web address
  • Other info (yet to be decided)

The user will be able to give the clan rep and/or comment on the clan.

I'd just like to ask everyone here, wether part of a clan or not what
they'd like to see included on such a site.

first of all what would you expect to see?
What would you like to see on the 'about clan' page?
What other features would you like to see?
Any info you can think of, please give me some ideas.

The site will be live within the month.



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There should be what the Clans Plans if you think of joining, What ranks they give out. Their youtube and etc.

How will your site prevent from people abusing the system and providing bad feedback?

TBH and as i'm sure you know there is no real way to stop people from abusing the system,

the only thing i can do is track users votes with cookies and IP.

The site will go live as a BETA first, we'll then find out wether the 10 star system

works or not.

If we find that the system is being used unfairly then i may have to change how people

vote, possibly by only allowing a 'thumbs up' vote, meaning users will only be able to give

positive feedback.

Do you have any ideas of how this can be handled?

@ TcS Triickz

What do you mean by clans plans?

Sounds cool