[Clan Recruitment] KD Black Ops Clan

Hello, im the third in command of KD, a new, active, and good Black Ops clan. Let me sort a few things out before I get into details. We are NOT Gamebattles or MLG, which means we don't play for money or other prizes, but sometime in the future, I look forward to signing us up for GameBattles. Im not the leader, the leader is incoming pain, or his real name, Will. Im not the leader, but the 3rd in command. We are also not looking for rubish non presteige level 7's, we are looking for good, mature, and non annoying players who enjoy playing Black Ops the way it is. We will have clan battles if we find the clans to battle, and we play regularly as a clan.

~How to join~

To join, all you need to do is a few simple things. Msg me, xDUMPxPUMPx9, or incoming pain/Will. We will talk to you, tell you about the clan, and if you want to join, we will let you in.



The clan has its own way of ranking. In your clan tag, new members put K0D0, The two 00's mean what rank you are. The first is your presteige. In our clan, we can only have 9 ranks, hence numbering. So what we do, is add presteiges. Just like in Black Ops, once your the max level, you need to gain bonus XP which gives you the ability to presteige, well, thats how we do it. Do 1 more levels worth of stuff, and your presteiged. Now for the next 0 in it. Thats you ranking, 0-9, which you go throught til your level 9, 9th presteige in the clan. Simple stuff.


~Ways of Promotion~

There is currently 3 ways to rank up in the clan. You can either get 100 kills while in a match with a high ranked[Leader/9th presteiged members], Recruit 2 more people then your current rank[Unlocked at rank 3], or play in Clan Battles.


Like I said, msg me, or incoming pain to join our clan, KD.[PS I don't know what KD stands for clan name wise :P


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