Clan recruiting

Just so every one knows there is a place for clan discussion to be done as you will have more of a chance of people to see and notice a post to join your clan,

Here is the official xbox clan forum here please use it

Thank you


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Thank you, I believe this thread needs to be stickied or a forum mod needs to make a official thread like this.

^ Amen

This is true.  It's best to keep the clan discussion in that forum.  Please and thank you.  

Thank you! :D ^^

Just to make it fair, hope others that make a clan thread on the MW3 forum, are informed to go to the 'clan discussion forum'


Also you can report clan discussion threads and help maintain that fairness. 

I think big games like this should just have a clan recruiting thread that can be used as such stickied in the game forum.

And locked to read only so what happend 2 post up doesn't happen.

[mod edit- Done ]

thank you for the help i really didnt know where to post a recuitment ad into i read this

Hey mod, it's still not locked lol.