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Well starting from the beginning my friends and I started a clan called the c001 clan and it was going fine for almost a month. When i had to leave for a 9-day vacation i thought that i could just leave and when i returned that everything would be just fine so i left without a doubt. When i came back everything was in ruins 5+ members were part of another clan as a result in a personal matter between two members (to respect privacy i am not going to release names unless that person wants to be known), J and S, they had said many bad things to each other as a result of one person, M, insulting J severly and S saying one thing to him at which point J retaliated and the argument escalated from there. The reason i am posting this is because J has kicked S from the clan and some of S's friends have opted to go with him. For trying to restore things the way it once was i was kicked as well by J. When I joined S and started a new clan H and J ridiculed me and when i brought up the matter that i had been kicked J denied it and H remained skeptical. Now our entire group of friends is split into two groups and some are threatening to hack people and commence war (i think that is a stupid idea, how do you destroy a clan?). I am as of now still trying to resolve things I need help what do i do?


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When I said join S i meant in one game and J muted me and removed me as a friend.

First of all you can't get hacked so no need to worry, Well if this clan of friends are fighting with each other just leave it as it is cause there is no point of getting them to gether and them fighting all over again and going through it all again.

Well i was part of the original 4 or 5 but i get your point, i know i cant get hacked but that doesnt mean the others know that. The reason i cant just leave is that i cant seem to develop a friendship with anyone else ( and it's not because i am not a nice person i am the only one forgiving in this whole clan matter.

There's millions of gamers on Xbox Live, I'm sure you can find other friends online instead of having to go through the hassle to settle down these guys. The whole thing was between them and you just happened to be in the middle of it. If you want my advice, find better friends.

shoot you can friend me cool, My group is an alright group if you need a clan or just to do games with.

I was trying to aviod that but i guess i will have to leave them, thanks for your help.

Well this is ironic just a couple of minutes ago i joined S's party and J and others are in it and they tell me the whole thing is solved and that the two clans have merged and all is okay now. I think that is just wierd that for a month nothing happened when i tried to solve the problem and when i post this a couple days later it is all solved without me even being there. What would you call that?

Well would you bother sticking around as while they were sorting out there problems with other friends/clan members you were not brought in so why should you bother?

I actually was,  as i previously said i just played  a game with S not knowing about the conflict and J muted me and wouldt let me speak to anyone on my friends list because they were all in his party.

o i think you need less petty friends