Clan PB&J needs more members...Level 7 almost 8 and 14 members currently.

Clan PB&J is looking for new members.

We are currently looking for more ladies to join our ranks. Although we do need more members in general.  We have a few ladies currently in the clan and would like to have more so we can eventually fill our own team. If the stuff below describes you then please send me a message so can get you in. We are not recruiting guys right now as we have enough for now. If you feel you are a exception and would be a asset to the Clan then message Lone Dreamer86 or Teddymouse with some info about your self.

What we are looking for:

1. Fun mature social players.

2.Moms, dads, grandmas, grandpasguys, or ladies.

3. Below average to average skill players(as that is the skill range of our clan).

4. People willing to help out others(such as Spec Op's).

5. Not afraid to join the party or ask for invites.


What we don't want:

1. People that can only run around and knife, quick scope, or drop shot.

2. Hackers, exploiters.

3. People that try and make others mad.

4. People that cant control their language due to having parents with kids in the room(slips are ok but not every other word).


We are a fun social clan made up of of guys and ladies(need more ladies) ranging from young adult to senior. So if you can be a friendly fun mature player then shoot me a message or Teddymouse and we will get you a invite.  Look forward to killing with you.

P.S.- Make sure that you are registered at so we can invite you to the clan.


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We have lots of fun almost everyday playing lots of fun stuff. Some of our favorites is being able to do Team Tactical on our own...Hoping to maybe get more people so we can lock down a bigger lobby like Ground wars.

We now have our own website.

We are level 9 with 16 members and probably 12 more trying out to see if they like us. If you want a mature fun social clan join us before we hit level 10 and miss out on the double xp.

Are guyz allowed to join if yes ill love to if no well nice meeting you anyways :)