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Clan Nation is an organization for XBOX, PS3, and PC. We do Clan Reviews(free), Pro Clan Reviews($), and Marquee Advertisements($2 per 3 months). In our Clan Reviews we: judge how active the clan members are, how much content the website have, what you can add to the website, and the quality of the website(logos & graphics. In the Pro Clan Reviews we: do the same as the regular clan reviews but we add awards and a more in depth review. The Marquee Advertisement is displayed on the MAIN page of our website. You can also recruit for your clan/community in our recruitment forum. You can check out our services at


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Alot has Change Since then. Attention all Clans and Communities Clan Nation is under new Ownership and also New Staff. We still do all the above plus more so come by and check us out By clicking HERE We all can't wait to meet you. Please let them know UnV MIKE HAWK xG has sent you.

Hoping to see you all real soon.



Clan Nation Designer

and owner of 

United -n- Victorious Gaming

Positions Clan Nation Needs Filled:


- Clan Reviewer -  A Reviewer is a special person who has talent in watching over and reading clans for their special traits and publish them to our community. Reviewers also rate the clans and hand out awards.


- Designer -  A Designer is a talented person who is willing to create images for not only clan nation but any clan that needs help that has filled out a request form. Designers have the ability to charge for their services. However, it can occasionally be stressful as our designers often take on more than one or two projects at a time.


 - Youtube Director -  We need to start publishing our reviews and recording videos. The Director is going to be the editor of any video the manager has published to create intros and tutorials for Clan Nation.

- Youtube Manager - Our Manager is going to take and record numerous videos to help better the way around Clan Nation. Youtube Manager is a Manager therefore MUST have 6 months or more experience in the field to apply.


- Interviewer - The Interviewer has a very important title. Every clan should be interviewed so that we give a general idea to anybody who is looking for a clan and how each clan is going to be ran. Interviewer has the option on whom to interview and reports to the CEO, Director, and Founder.


-PR Agent - The PR Team is the most important title here in Clan Nation. Why? Well because without these guys we would have no clans or people here. If you are looking for a starting point at Clan Nation I would suggest starting here. PR Agents are here to help you so any questions you may have, feel free to ask them.

Clan Nation really helped my clan!

All the following positions are still available , Don't wait any longer be part of something ultimate come by add put in a application at Http:// we arelooking forward to meeting you all.

Are you related to Mike Hunt?

well my brother inlaws gamertag used to be that. Tahoe Buttkicker. why you ask

Clan Nation has a new web address is now

The domain address had changed since the death of the Owner.

Rest in Piece Ronny.

Hey Gamers I have a team that's well structured and is full of characters what i and my team is looking for is easy going laid back people that want to meet new people and want to have a good time. The age range for the team is 14-23 years of age and really want to meet new people and just want to have a good time and kick back shooting some online peeps. If you are interested please follow this link and add my Gamertag hope to look forward to meet you guys and girls on the battlefield and online. If the link doesn't work please contact me on xbox live.

coolbowers bud you should make your own thread to advertise your clan. This are is for clan nation to post their info about their web address.