Clan members not scoring in clan events

What up people,

I need some help. I have a clan right, we have 3 members. 

2 of us have elite premium and one just has elite.

The one who is not premium doesnt get scored, the funny thing is this is the disclaimer on every clan event:

"Clan Operation rankings are created by combining the top six scores of each clan's participating members. Members who have recently joined clans will be able to contribute to Clan Operations that were enlisted in after they became clan members.

Modern Warfare 3 clan operations only score premium Elite members, and all Elite members are scored in Black Ops II clan operations."

If thats the case why isnt he getting scored? He joined the clan over a week ago since we enlisted in the clan event. 

Thanks in advance


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If you enlisted in the event before he was a member of the clan, he wont have his scores count. Also make sure that he is playing the correct game mode. All the clan ops for BO2 so far are Core only. If none of those are the problem then contact Activision support for Elite

thanks appreciate it