Clan Krieger, play for fun but play to win!

Hey guys, Clan Krieger is looking for members who are mature and like to work as a team. Our main game is BF3 but we support some Halo Reach and Black Ops.

Our Clan is built around our members; we are here to have fun, relax, and of course play to win. That is the point of the Clan, to be a fun and chill environment to play games in.

Its a Clan for both the Casual and the more Serious players.

For the casual player; if you want to just kick back and play some games with the team thats totally cool. As a member you aren't required to do anything more than follow our rules (which are posted below) and play some games with us once in awhile lol.

For the more serious member: The Clan uses a military ranking system and medals as a way to reward our members for helping out and playing with us. All our ranks are earned by the people who hold them but no worries if you dont want to rank up you still have the same opportunities. We also are getting into some competitive Clan battles against similar skilled and like minded Clans as well as we have our own ladder you can compete against other members.

The Clan has 3 simple rules:
Honor: Do what is right because it is right. Do NOT cheat in any form under any circumstances.
Respect: Conduct yourself in a mature and respectful manner at all times to all people.
Devotion: Support the team at all times and never give up.

If you want to join or know more please send me a message on Xbox Live or visit our website. We have a lot of history and other info on our site as well.

Gamertag: Baghdaddy27
Here's the site:

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Forgot to add this part.

So I am going to straight up tell you this is a no drama, no BS Clan. We dont care about the number of members we have or if we are number on on some leader board, we dont care about that stuff. We aim for quality in our members and quality in everything we do because it makes the Clan better for everyone. In this Clan you aren't just another member, you are part of the team.

This seems like a very chill and not over powered clan. They want to play to win, but don't get upset over losing. I'd recommend this clan to others.

Feel free to recruit for your clan on!

Thanks for the support. Just updated our website.

Please visit our BF3 server, US South Clan Krieger Hardcore.

We just updated our ranking system on our website.

Considering joining

going to be doing some games on our server tonight, drop by its US South Clan Krieger Hardcore

we are approaching our cap of 30 members. Once we reach that cap we will no longer be recruiting for awhile. (Could be quite awhile or not at all?)

so we redid a few sections of the site to make things easier to find. also bump.

* Please try a lower page number.

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* Please try a lower page number.

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