Clan for Black Ops.

Just looking for some generally good players looking for a clan to join. I am starting one, one that will have good communication during combat and team work. Mainly to play on the weekends and evenings during the week. Respond if interested. Thank you!


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We just relaunch. We could use new members like you. Please feel free to check us out at


Any questions please talk to me on Xbox LIve.


Thanks and have a great night for gaming!

Hey dude Join CAG We are all about Team work Join Up At CAGisf.Com i would like you to go and sign up at the Site and Add CheechDogg as a friend (Our Leader) And me as well and we will see were to place you in the unit

And plus why join a Clan with only 14 people on in where we have 100s of members We are 55th in the top 100 Black ops clan but we are in 18th out of the Xbox Clan So yeah

*I am a member of Black List Gaming. We are a group of dedicated individuals. We believe in honor towards the clan and fellow members, and a provide a sense of “family” towards our community. We are a multi-platform and multi-gaming site that has a large and active forum, including a live chat box.   Of course we play a lot of Black Ops.

*The players we are looking for can be competitive or casual.   They must be16 years old and be mature while they are playing.     If you have any questions message me.    If you register fill out an application and let them know that I referred you.  Thank you.

hey! i saw your post n thought id drop in and give you another option of a clan to join! :D a few of my friends run/are a part of a clan called OhFaceGaming. They're a casual and competitive clan, have a age limit (yay no screaming kids!) and are GREAT bunch of guys; chill, good players, and fun to hang around. They broke off of a larger, dysfunctional clan, and formed a clan of their own that promotes a much more cohesive team environment. They're not all about member numbers, its more so about finding a strong group of players who work well together as a team. They run things well, and keep a fun environment, which honestly, is hard to do with a clan LOL but anywhooo, just thot id let you know about them and hopefully spark your interest! So if you'd like, you can hit me up on XBL or go straight over to their website [] and register and take a look around! no matter what you do! good luck! :D hope to see you around!

Hey whats up Jericho. I'm a co-leader of OFG (OhFace Gaming) and my good buddy SuperBah laid it out pretty well. If you have any questions, feel free to send me a message on XBL or go ahead and head on over to our site at and see what you think. We'd love to have you! Have a good one

Oh face is a Joke The Better Clan is CAG Check it whos on the top 100 Clan in Black ops CAG #45 and where is Face No Where


in all seriousness jericho, shoot me a message on XBL if you're interested, we'd love to have you

You Can Join TDK (TeamDeathKillers) Clan. We Are About Team Work. We Help Each Other.

Anyone over the age of 13 can join my clan SKW ( Specialized Killers Worldwide ) There's a playercard picture but you don't have to make it, But I would like if you did. S.K.W is more like a "family" than a clan, we respect people and do not shun them for their mistakes. We work as teams not individuals. Message xSilentKill74x (may change later on)


The Silent Killer

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