Clan Battle

Hey guys.


I am the leader of a clan called Team Forerunner and we are looking for other clans to battle. We are a casual clan, so we won't fight clans that are going to trash talk against us or insult us.


We have other certain rules for clan battles that you MUST abide by if you wish to battle us.


1. We ONLY play Bungie (or 343) made maps and gametypes. NO CUSTOM MAPS OR GAME MODES WHAT-SO-EVER!

2. If you challenge us, we will pick first, then your clan.

3. Be good sports. Nobody on either teams should insult the other team.

4. We play 4v4 at a minimum. 8v8 at max.


Again, if you want to battle us, you must abide by these rules we have. We will also try to abide by your rules, or we will work out both of our rules together.


Looking for some good friendly clan battles down the road. Oh, and one more thing. We can only battle on the weekends because of school, Saturday's work best.


Hope to face some good clans soon . . .


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Well if it was for BC2 I'd say let's do it.

L3TSSS  DOOOO ITTT7TT!!!!11!!  MYs Clan cans beats YOURS clan anyday!!!!!1!!!!!!  Also, clan battles are stupid.  How do you expect to get anyone to "battle" you if the restriction is, 'Halo', you'll be here a while.

We have a Halo squad if your interested.  Hit me back to coordinate everything if your still interested

My team would like to battle you! I'm not sure when there is time though. Where are you organised?