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I am very reluctant to start this because I gather I would have to lead soldiers into battle and fight along side them. This can come to no good. They walk in front of me or I misfire or take a wild swing and the soldiers get mad at me and try to kill me. This happened in Bruma in Oblivion and happened in Windhelm when I tried to kill a dragon. I guess I don't play well with others. Is it possible to just let them do their thing and then step in to take the credit? I'm willing to lead a cheer squad from the back. lol I find that Skyrim does not always let me play to my strengths.


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You can actually kill your own guys and they won't turn on you. The friendly-fire seems to be a little better in this one than in oblivion. You are free to sit in back, but on most of the missions you're outnumbered and the game kinda forces you to intervene.

That's false PIRATE DUCK. When I did the Civil War Quests, I thought i was doomed when General Tullius and some of the Imperial Army chased me down, and attempted to kill me, after they stepped in front of me during battle. I couldn't kill them, obviously, because they are part of the main story quests, but I couldn't get away from them. They chased me everywhere. Luckily, I figured out a way to get them to stop attacking me by advancing the quest line.

Oh...well...that was what I was afraid of. NPCs are so stupid! You'd think they would stay out of the way of a crazy elf lady mage flinging fire but no, they just run in with their little bow and arrow and die. In Oblivion, I had to restart after the seige of Bruma because they all got in the way and then attacked me. The next time I just let them do their thing and stayed out of the fight. In the final battle I just concentrated on getting through as fast as I could figuring that was the best way to keep martin alive. Stupid Martin didn't even wear all the good gear I reverse pickpocketed on him. I miss chameleon.

I try to avoid crowded clusters and go for the outlying enemies. One at a time, I chase down the red dots on the enemy screen, wait a second up close to positively ID the target or to let him attack me first, and then cut him down.  If I get caught in a cluster, I conjure a flame atronach. They seem pretty good at hitting the enemy while sparing the allies. And, OF COURSE, one always saves just before a battle in case you do make a mistake.

Actually, everytime I did hit one of the imperials by accident they never did attack me. But still, be careful. Some soldiers are more sensitive then others.

That's an idea, I could use summoned creatures. I have a staff of Frost Atronach already. In Oblivion, I tried to use touch spells and even then someone would blunder through just as I as touching. As for the soldiers, I think it does matter where you are. I have many assaults and the Whiterun guards are more forgiving. The Windhelm guards didn't know me at all but it still makes fighting harder.

@broheim just because it happened to you doesn't mean it will happen to her. Also, different factors are involved with friendly NPCs to where they will attack you. The average seems to be 3 hits in a row before they really turn on you, and even then all you have to do is sheath your sword and they will stop if they actually like you. Splash damage from spells also factors in because it's still your spell that you cast and injured them. I've done both sides of the civil war quests and each time has been no different from the last in terms of attacking someone. I've never hit tullius but I have hit ulfric a couple times and he has never turned on me.

You can just let them fight it out and only engage enemies who have no allied soldiers engaging them.  It doesn't matter how many soldiers you lose.  In fact a few times I just let my guys do all the fighting (it takes forever) just to see what would happen.  Eventually the counter gets to 00% and the enemy stops spawning and your guys sheathe their weapons and walk away.  The one time I did have my own guys after me I just kept killing the enemy until it was at 00%, once it was I was able to kill all of my guys as well.  However when I went to the camp for the next mission, everyone at the camp attacked me (except the head guy who gives you the quest, forget his name I was on the Stormcloak side).  I killed all of them and got the next quest to take the next fort.  When I got there it was business as usual, no one attacked me and it completed fine and when I went to another camp they didn't attack me.