Civil War Pinball Table and Coincidental Reference to Tragedy at an Elementary School in CT Needs Some Attention

I am about the polar opposite of politically correct, but I'm going to mention this because I've thought from day one it was a little weird to lead into a game with a simulated news broadcast about a "violent clash" at an "elementary school in Stamford Connecticut".  In the recently released Marvel Comics "Civil War" Pinball Table add-on to Pinball FX2, that's exactly how it starts.  And then after the initial "Stamford Multiball", the screen goes dark and the game pauses and the Captain America calls for a "...moment of silence for the victims in Stamford".

From the day it was released, it has made me slightly uncomfortable - the reference to "hundreds of victims" at an elementary school because of some super-hero fight - and thought it seemed rather arbitrary.  But, since I don't follow the comic, I assumed that it must follow one of the existing story lines, so whatever.

But with it's eerie similarities to the events of yesterday, it made me sick to my stomach today when I started it up without thinking.  It was so unsettling, I fumbled with the controller to exit the game as quickly as I could. 

For the record, I don't believe any of the crap out there about video games causing problems in society.  In fact, I believe the complete opposite - the details of why aren't directly relevant to this conversation, but that I'm reluctant to make any link between video games and violence is.  I'm conflicted in even mentioning this, but I think it needs some attention by the developer, by Marvel, or by Microsoft.   Not for me, necessarily - but  content referring to a large number of civilians dying during violence at an elementary school in Connecticut, and the moment of silence for the victims of the fictitious event isn't something kids should be seeing right now.  This is a serious discussion between parents and their children that will take place at some point - This content can no longer be considered as benign nor suitable for children, IMO.  Not right now at least.  Nothing good can come up from a video game forcing the conversation of the real events with kids, nor from inadvertently reminding those close to the tragedies  I only speak for one customer who paid for the content - take the damn thing down/offline until it can be patched to alter the story line.  It's not the developer's fault, but as of today, it's exceedingly in appropriate on many levels, and it can only do harm.  And hey, it's just a game.

I know there are no ill motives at work.  I suspect it's just going to take until someone at one of the companies thinks about it or notices it, but sooner would be better than later.

If you disagree, you're free to express that, but don't do it because you think I care.  This isn't a discussion about violence and video games - it really isn't.  It's a statement about responding to a tragic event to do what we can do to minimize the damage and pain people suffer from it.  That's all.


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