Citadel Tour

Here's another tour video by IGN, this time showing off the Citadel. The video doesn't go into too many details, but it's still nice to see it will be returning to the ME1 style Citadel with (seemingly) a lot of content to explore.



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Love it.  Thanks for posting this, Elite!

Thanks for the link!

It's good to see the citadel back again and I notice that the graphics on the video are way better than on the release demo.

SO just five days to go... still have to finalize some runs on ME 2...

looks fantastic, interesting to hear that your squad will hop off the ship and inhabit the new environment, wonder if they'll be doing the same with illium and omega, if it returns as a hub and not just a mission location.

Many thanks to Elite Effect for the nice video, of course, it was the bar that got my attention...:-P

hopefully the bar won't be as loud and annoying as *** omega, where i can't enjoy exploring and walking around and just want to get my quests done and get out as soon as possible.

Afterlife is where it's at, I love hanging there, I even have that music that they play in there goin' all of the time in my Captain's Cabin, even nicer that there's a downstairs and VIP Room as well, kinda hard to top Omega for atmosphere...:-)

I haven't looked at the video because we're about a week or less away now and I'd like to experience as much of the game while playing it. But just hearing from you that it's closer to ME1s Citadel rather than ME2s Citadel that felt like a handful of rooms in a small mall makes me quite happy.

Wow I cannot wait. 1 week left ^_^