Chunks not loading for clients

Hullo hullo,

A bunch of friends and I have been wasting the last couple of weeks in a Minecraft world hosted on my Xbox, and each person that has joined my server has complained that certain chunks of the world appear to be missing. 

According to them, there seem to be random square holes dotted around the world and even though these chunks are loading for me, all client players report that the same chunks are missing. When we've grouped up and travelled around investigating, I see my friends bumping into cliffs and trees etc that only I can see, and if they're facing the right way they can destroy or place blocks.

Apparently if a friend touches an invisible block - say they destroy a random bit of dirt - all the blocks adjacent to the destroyed block suddenly become visible to that particular client. This is a bit weird. It is almost as if the blocks are actually there and have all their usual properties, despite being invisible to clients. Even stranger, if I try spawning a mob (using eg a wolf egg) that mob appears to my friends to be perpetually falling and flickering through empty space.

Further to this, clients report that players also become invisible when entering a 'Bermuda Square', and only reappear when they leave. Again, as the host I do not see this, even though I also become invisible to them.

This is really baffling me as I've never seen or heard of this problem in anyone else's Mincraft world, and it only happens in the seed we're using. Resetting, reloading, and re-inviting affected players does not fix the issue. Changing the skin pack back to vanilla doesn't fix it.

I'm starting to think I've got a buggy seed somehow, which is a shame. We've become quite attached to it.

If anyone can explain why this is happening and what I can do to fix it, I'd be grateful!

I'm using:

-X360 Slim with 250GB HDD

-Minecraft 360 Digital release & Natural skin pack

-Seed is 'The Walking Dead' (GREAT seed as long as you don't mind random missing blocks!). Seed started in Creative mode, peaceful difficulty. All other options are OFF, except 'online game' and 'host privileges'.

-Ethernet wired to Virgin UK 'Superhub' (Netgear). Console IP is in DMZ and UPnP is off.

-Cable internet 30MB down 2MB up.

PS: The possibility of me being the victim of a practical joke has been eliminated - I can quite easily leave my Xbox on and visit a nearby friend, and see the effect for myself on their console as a client.


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