Chopper Gunner Glitch

I hope this thread doesn't get deleted since i'm posting a YT clip. It's not gameplay, but just proof of a glitch i encountered a few minutes ago. It might be one of those 'under very specific circumstances' that treyarch talks about in their update lists because i got killed at the same i got in the heli. I get a care package and switch it and get a chopper gunner. Awesome! The guy opens the door and i notice I'm NOT EVEN FACING THE MAP and the heli is jumping up and down. This goes on for a few seconds and i finally start seeing some bad guys. But I'm so far away i can't even shoot anyone. So far off that the free roam camera doesn't even reach. Then i go back to facing the opposite direction of the map and jumping up and down.


Needless to say, a waste of a CG.


edit: can't figure out how to lazy link with the new forum


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Lol pilot should switch to decaf.

good, give me some time to spawn.

Someone's got a garbage connection...

Lol I have seen that happen before it's kinda fun to watch

This is a known issue.  When I've seen this, it's normally due to a poor connection either on your end or on the host.  Similar things can happen with not being able to control the Gunship.