Chemistry recruiting/or looking to join a clan...meh

The clan Chemistry is recruiting for multiple games and looking for anyone, regardless of skill, to join. There are no tryouts involved, no useless ranking system, and no affiliation to GameBattles. The only 2 prerequisites that must be met are:


1) Must be 15+ (if you're 3 months away from 15, then it's no problem). I want somewhat of a mature, serious gaming environment.

2a) You must have a mic. Communicating to no one is no fun. 2b) You have to be able to work with a team. Teamwork and stategy are what win and lose matches (not the 2.5 K/D's).


The games I have sey are:

Gears 1, 2, and 3

Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Battlefield 3

CoD: BO and MW 3 (will not own these)

Halo: Reach (up until no one plays anymore).



If you'd like to join, contact me and i'll add you to my roster.




Or (for some God awful reason) you'd wish to put me in your clan, i'd be somewhat open to that. My list of requests is:


1) Member count must be small. I don't function well in big groups, as I try to find people that I can work with well.

2) Must be an age limit. I refuse to deal with little all.

And of saying the games I play, here's what I don't/won't play:

CoD and Halo.


So yeah, if you're going the route of adding me to your clan, go ahead and try.


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