Chemistry looking for anyone

Peoples of the Xbox community, I am looking for people to join my newly made "clan" Chemistry. The "clan" will not be a part of Gamebattles, i'm not interested in the MLG or getting sponsered. And there are no tryouts, even if you aren't the greatest player out there (i'm not, so others won't be alone on that one). There are only 2 prerequisites everyone must meet:


1) Must be above 15, i'd love not to have little kids screaming at me or anyone else.

2a.) You need a mic, very hard to communicate if no one can hear you. b.) You need to have a grasp of teamwork and stratagizing, as those are paramount in winning (K/D ratios don't win matches).


These are games that i'm confirming to be recruiting for:

Battlefield: Bad Company 2

All Gears of War games

Battlefield 3

Halo: Reach (for now)

Black Ops and MW3

Brink (if anyone plays it)


*Note that I don't own Reach or Black Ops and I don't plan on owning MW 3, i'll designate 3 other people to oversee those games*


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