Chefs Hat - Last Item of Clothing

Dear all

If anyone has a chefs hat to spare, it would be gratefully received. It's all I need to get the clothing achievement.

I dont have much to swap myself, then if you let me know what you need ,I can get it for you fairly easily by swapping it with one of my three family members who also have gamertags and Fable 3 saves.

There is a particularly good window between the 16th August and mid afternoon on the 19th August as both myself and my bro-in-law are on holiday.

If you have a chefs hat spare then please msg one of General Mistake or Smegsta, or leave a reply to this forum post, and we will reply and arrange a swap time.

Many Thanks in advance



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Sorry, should clarify. Pressed the send  button before I was ready so there are 2 changes to the above


"I dont have much to swap myself, but can swap with some other gamertags my family has. If you let me know what you need, I can get if for you fairly easily as we have all the weapons between us..."


"There  is a particulalry good window between the 16th Aug and mid afternoon on the 19th Aug as both myself and my bro-in-law are on holiday and will be online more than usual during this time."

It seems although my English O Level has come into play somewhere, my ability to press the right button at the right time is still at a grade of E minus or FAIL !!!

If i have 1 you can have it for free.

Once you rule the castle, start to befriend a cook and eventually as he gives you gifts, you will receive the Cook’s Hat from him.

Dear all

Thanks for checking, I now have the chefs hat and the achievement.

I am now putting the game back in its box before I need a strait jacket.

It's been a great community enabling me to swap weapons and so on, but I am now done with the game after two playthroughs the second one of which was totally glitched, except fot the 2 things I needed, which were the chefs hat for the clothing achievement and the demon door achievement.

So, see you around on another game, thanks for all those who helped and swapped, and see you on the net game

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