Cheevo Saboteur - Disable a group of fighter squadrons..... eh?

Can anyone tell me exactly what that is? I don't think I've run into one yet. Haven't started the final battle


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I forget exactly but it is one of the side mission before doing the mission on Rannoch to destroy the reaper base.

It's the mission to disable the geth server on Rannoch before the Reaper base mission CLICK <----link

You must have skipped it if you are at the 'final' battle or planet...when hackett tells you "Theres no going back" portion.

And once you do Priority: Rannoch it becomes unavailable.

thanks for the info people

It's the mission with no combat

There's two options on the same planet (I think) the other is rescuing the Quarian Admiral

You had to do one..but had the option to do both

Choose both before Starting Priority:Rannoch