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In the Xbox Fitness program, does anyone know if / how you can check your heart rate without having to be in the middle of a workout? I'd like to be able to launch the program just to check my heart rate at random times during the day.


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You can't check your heart rate without being in a workout.

And it's not 100% accurate so you shouldn't rely on it if you're checking for medical purposes.

You can check your heart rate easier and quicker than using the game; loading up the game and a workout to track your pulse is going to take longer than doing it yourself. 1) Put two fingers on your wrist and find your pulse (may need to look up pictures on how to do this). 2) Count every time you feel a pulse for 30 and double that number, or sit for a minute and count every time you feel a pulse.

The heart rate tracking has been really poor for me, so I would advise against tracking your heart rate with the game. My resting heart rate is 56 BPM, but sometimes after one exercise Xbox Fitness shows me at 160+ BPM. Then a few more exercises later my heart rate is down to around 80 BPM. Then it'll shoot up again. This happens when I'm doing exercises that are around the same difficulty, so my heart rate shouldn't be jumping around that much.

I can never get a pulse from either my wrists or neck for some reason. Maybe I'm a zombie or a ghost ... I work too much so I can see that happening. ;)

In this latest update I wonder if they made the heart rate tracking better. During a Mossa cool down at the end of a session, I've noticed the heart rate monitor pop up to give me my current heart rate several times during the cool down. Each time it pops up I've noticed the rate get lower and lower each time, which seems to be on par as I'm going at an easier pace and lower intensity. Not saying it's accurate for sure, but I did notice how its showing up more frequent now, which makes me wonder if they've improved it on this last update.

Would also like to be able to access the "which muscle groups are working hard" filter without having to pause a routine.  Would be (hopefully) useful for free weight exercising.

What is this "which muscle groups are working hard" filter? Don't think I've ever seen it. Assuming you don't mean the 'muscleman' image of yourself that is there all the time during the workout.

The heart rate feature has never really worked for me. Don't see any heart rate measurements at the end of a work out. But all other Kinect features seem to work fine.