Check your inboxes

Word on the facebook pages is that the codes have been sent.

Alas, nothing showed in my inbox, so either it's not done, or I was not selected.


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Nothing  for me, phone is silent.... oh well.

Nothing for me :(

WTF, Gamestop just sent me my Power Up Rewards statement and tricked me the jerks.... for a split second, I had hope, now it's gone... oh well back to life.

never mind i got it check your spam folder guys my email put it in my spam folder so i didnt see it

they are sending more out tomorrow. Hey, SPARTON 309. You should give me that code instead ;)

75% sent, final 25% will be sent tomorrow... I'm heading for my inbox to check again and praying to God now.

nothing 4 me to !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[quote user="nsk14"]

nothing 4 me to !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Little late to the party don't you think?


Anyways, the dlc comes out for everyone tomorrow.

Nothing for me, but if I do get one I will let someone else have it as I will be in bed waiting for the real thing, time-zone thing you see!