Check Out The Tomb Raider (2011 Reboot) Trailer


"Square Enix has released this teaser trailer

for the new Tomb Raider reboot on YouTube (after showing it on Spike earlier tonight), and boy is it purty. As promised by the game's reveal back in December of last year, the fully CGI trailer features a younger, (dare we say) more naive Lara Croft, given some slightly more savage and primitive tools by the end than we've ever seen before.

Sure, there's an Sully-esque old guy in there, but man, that setpiece at the end of the trailer more than makes up for any similarity to any other grave-exploring titles you may also be fond of. Stay tuned -- we'll have lots more information about this game for you as we head on into E3 next week.

Never was a big fan of the original games, played the 360 ones for the achievements when I was hardcore into unlocking them. But I am gladly willing to try this game out. Hope you enjoy the trailer gamers.



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Nice trailer cant wait to see some gameplay!!

I know what that bloke was looking at when Lara was falling!!!

I don't know why they just do go the whole hog and switch to the Lara Croft branding used with the Guardian of Light. They stretched the definition of Tomb in previous games, this one looks to snap it in half.

I never really get excited based on CGI movies however I love the direction their taking the series in.


Tomb Raider should be up there competing with Uncharted and this reboot looks like it could be capable.


Fall 2012 is to far away.