Check out my map.

It's called Town Conflict, my first map.


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I havent played this game in a while.  I miss making maps though.  I always wanted to make the old ps2 socom navy seals map "Ratsnest".  A lot of tunnels.  If anyone knows that map and can pull it off to be very close.  I'll be happy to try it out.

New map up, Titans DM Preview... it's a deathmatch only preview of a new level... enjoy. :)


Published 4 new ones the other day: The Pit, Desert Canyon, Canyon Oasis, and Saint Marcus Sound. Apparently Live is allowing me to download and publish maps with a free account... woot.

If you want me to download any more maps and rate them, please let me know. Thanks.

Downloaded these maps from both Azure influx and Riven57... I needed to get on a friends account to do so, but tis done... reviews follow.


Town Conflict - 2/5 stars

You  need more detail on this map... use the collection tool to add plants around the area of the town and use the paint texture tool to vary the textures up a bit.

Level the houses and objects, no one builds a house at an angle.

Add more furniture to the houses... even if it's just a sofa and some garbage bags in the corners... the devil is in the details.

And make your roads less straight... most roads follow the path of least resistance, and follow dips and such in the terrain. (exceptions for towns/cities... most follow preplanned routes laid down when the town was first created... so in that respect your map's roads are fine, except for when they go nowhere. You have an intersection of 3 roads that has nothing on it... reduce that count to 1 or put a house there. And I know your using it to mark the edge of the playable zone, but I suggest using fences to do so... makes more sense then a road that leads nowhere)


Fishermen's Warfare - 2.5/5 stars

Raise the water level a bit... a fishing spot should have much more water.

More details (See Town Conflict review).

Is this a fresh or saltwater map? If salt water, don't let any plants touch the water... Far Cry 2 has no salt water plant objects.

Use different houses in this one... the same ones over and over again kinda get stale after a bit.

Fix the playable zone... it's all kinds of wonky sir.

Overall a good concept on this map... looking forward to seeing it spiffed up a bit.


Beachwood - 2/5stars

Less randomly placed objects... most of the objects look like you just placed them haphazardly and never went back to see if they were correctly placed.

Move the roads so that they don't go under your houses. No one builds a house on top of a road.

Also, occupied houses shouldn't have plants growing in them...

Is this a salt water map? If so, remove the plants from the water's edge... Far Cry 2 has no salt water plant objects.

Connect the quays and wharfs better... it is damn near impossible to walk between them.

Use the Validation tool sir... you have an APR diamond placed, but no UFLL station... as well as no base marker for either team.

Good concept as well, looking forward to seeing this finished.


To you both: Create terrain first, then place objects! Place houses on a leveled section of ground, and make sure to smooth over any rough areas that need it. remember that roads don't just drop off of cliffs. make the roads smooth so that cars can actually drive over them as well.


Azure Influx: You have a nice sense of balance... both of your maps are even when it comes to tactical advantage and amount of items available to both sides... good work.

Also, took down your name Riven and Azure... gonna see if they'll let me download maps without Gold... fingers crossed.

Lost Gold, so no new maps (I have 4 ready to upload, but no Gold account to do so). However, I'll be making up for it by uploading more then 4 when I do get Gold back.

Just sayin...

wildflames1: You will never, ever go back to using Halo's **** editor ever again... Far Cry 2's map MAKER (emphasis on maker) completely blows it out of the water. I highly suggest you purchase this game and check it out.

so u can make maps in this game like halo 3 and halo reachs forge mode? i never played any of the farcrys i knew about them just never bought but yea i might just pick this up with the first one then 3 when it comes out but yea if this is any like halos forge this is definitetly a buy to me i love first person shooters im just a little late geting into this ah ha

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