Check out how Kinect works on Mass Effect 3(VIDEO-1/18/2012)

Now this looks interesting.

One thing I didn't like was having to stop the game, select a power to use and then continue the game. It was that stop and play that I didn't like much in dragon age too. And having to do that every single time you wanted to use a power that wasn't assigned to a button was something of a bother that I just learned to put up with. But the kinect seems to remedy this.

All they had to do was just say the name, and bam! "magic twin powers, ACTIVATE!!!"

If this works out quite well, I may end up getting myself a kinect if it adds to the experience of many games to come in the future this same way. Using your voice in a way to press a button is quite clever if you ask me. So for the time being I will just have to rely on other's feedback about this once the demo hits.

The Mass Effect Beta will be comming to the xbox live marketplace on FEB 14. That is a single and multiplayer demo. So this give you a chance to try out the new kinect features and the multiplayer.

But now that I think about it, what if your in the party talking about shotguns and stuff, and when you say shotgun, your character pulls it out, or your hear everyone on the mic yelling out commands..................this will be interesting indeed. 


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Thanks for the linkage Dre G Writer, I've voiced a disdain for the power/weapon wheel "pause in the action" myself in the past but, having said that, it's become familiar after the many playthroughs and I'll resist the Kinect as I've done with Battlefield 3 for I'm gunning for continuity, it's certainly cutting edge stuff though...:-)

While this is obviously a marketing ploy by MS to get more $$$ from Kinect sales, I suppose to some it is a good thing. Personally, I think they should've used the headset functionality for this but meh... to each their own I guess.

[quote user="Deaths Head 200"]

I think they should've used the headset functionality for this but meh... to each their own I guess.


Oh wow, I never even thought of that.That would be great! But Not sure how that would work with the regular mic though as the kinect has protocols in the device itself that translate sound into a action sequence.

Bioware have said that the reason other platforms, and the headset not being used for the 360, is because Kinect has its own voice recognition protocols. That being the case they have not needed to write their own into the game but can make use of the Kinect feature.


Of course since there is likely to be at least one Kinect only achievement for the game, it does mean that people will have to invest in the motion sensing peripheral if they want into the 1000/1000 club.

Why not go all out and have an achievement named "Broad Appealer" where you try out 6 EA demos other than MASS Effect 3 for 20GS...:-)

If that's the case voteDC, then I won't have 100% completion Achievement wise for ME3. The Kinect is just a gimmick, like the motion controllers for the Wii and PSmove for the PS3. I understand how some will use them and that's all well and good... but I can't justify paying out $200.00 AUSD for something like the Kinect, just for one game. That's the same reason I have regarding the Wii and PS3 consoles. Good consoles in their own right yes, but there's next to zero games on either that I'm interested in. I'll stick with my 360 thank you.

I agree with Deaths Head 200, I had the Wii and purchased it just for Mario Kart Wii and Super Smash Bros. Brawl years ago. Other than that the motion control limited good games on the Wii. I soon had enough and gave mines away to my cousin. Kinect may be useful to some but not to me. Call me old school, but I feel more in control of the game with a controller in my hand. Hence the name "controller", but to each their own. Some will enjoy hands free gaming and talking to the T.V. but I just feel that Microsoft is trying to force Kinect down the throat of the core gamers. Yes, some casual players may say something like "I want to play Mass Effect but it's to hard and complicated". Bioware answer "Oh, we can make Kinect to work with it to make it less hard and add modes such as "Story" that limits the hard and complicated combat."  I do not mind the casual crowd playing Mass Effect but not at the expense of the core gamer especially us loyal Mass Effect fans. This is my opinion on this situation around Mass Effect 3. 

One also needs to consider what's around the corner for the 360, what I'm refering to is the so called "720", prefer the "NEXTBox" myself.  At the very least, the Kinect will likely be included, we're all ready seeing the Kinect Bundles, I'd bet on that the Kinect will actually be physically integrated into the NEXTBox, I'd agree on it being a "gimmick", but it's become such an overwhelming success that it's safe to assume that it's here to stay, this integration into MASS Effect 3 is likely the icebreaker for many to follow suit...:-)

I will try it.

I used the Kinect to get in Shape, and it's working. Dre G Writer, the Kinect can tell between sounds coming from you and sounds from a party chat or the TV. Plus you normally have to say something before the actual command. If you said, "Tali's Shotgun" it might make her change, but I am not sure.


I will be trying this out when I first get the game. I like the pause and play though..... I will see which one flows better.

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