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I made a little gears three video with some nice kills.  HC DA B0SS is my youtube video is HC DA B0SS G3M1.  just copy and paste it on youtube. 


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It was ok.  Doubles with the Gnasher aren't all that impressive.  If you put a Gnasher clip in, it should be at least a triple.  I would cut out a lot of the in between kills stuff too.  A few seconds is fine, but a couple of those clips had a lot of fast forwarding and that should be taken out.  Quality was fine.  I liked the music, but most people probably won't.  You may not care about that though.  Overall I'd probably give it a 6/10.  I'm picky though, because I've been watching montages for a long time and seen some outstanding ones.  Just giving you some contructive criticism.

you realise almost every kill was tripple or more? i had a single stick with the torque a double shotty on checkout. and a single on trashball from the retro.And you mean the transition in between some of the kills? I put the fast forward because some people complained i didnt have alot of tripples or more in my videos. I did cut some out and on some of those i have quads and up.

I thought you did a pretty good job and gave you a thumbs up. I wasn't huge on the music though but i thought the editing was cool. What did you use to edit it? I have a Dazzle HD and use Studio 14. I made a video from the beta, too. I was going for a different type of montage though as opposed to just amazing kills. Feel free to check it out.

Search: Gears of war 3 beta gameplay lord nuclear;

and you should find it! :)