Check connection, try again.

For the last couple of days I have been unable to join a quick match at all and using the server browser has been hit and miss.  To get into a match, I have to search recent players and find a session in progress to join.   Three friends I regularly play with have been having the same problem.  This happens wether we try to join solo or as a party.  I have open NAT and have reset my router several times.  I have played Gears 3, Reach, and AC multiplayer during this time with no problems.  I have Back to Karkand and have taken the multiplayer update.  Is anyone else having problems?  Any ideas on a fix?  Thanks.


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I've been having these problems for a week. Customer service tells me to check my connection, but that isn't the problem. It's something on their end.

I had the same issues this past weekend. Then last night the issues just went away and everything works and runs great again. Didn't do anything different, I just didn't have to try doing everything 15 times before something finally worked. I'm gonna blame it all on EA.

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