CHEATS and time wasters!

I am sick of cheats and people that just waste your time. This is a good game for those that want to play. Too often, there are those that pupport to be players yet don't make a move until they are about to forfeit the game. I propose we add a link here that exposes these individuals: we can then bar them from our games and inform other GENUINE players who to avoid. I suggest we name and shame them and if they so wish,they can reply! We will all see what they have to say and will have a much better and informed judgment of those we all know don't play fair and can avoid them. al those in favor..... Say something... I will,tell all those I play to read this and ask you all to do the same. If we make a stand then perhaps those that officiate this game will surely have to do something about such a popular yet severely marred game 😊😞😌😔😒

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