Cheating much?

I was playing a game of mercenary Team Deathmatch. The game was almost over and I looked down at our score. We had 7009 or some points (an uneven score as the score goes by 100 per kill) So I wonder, "WTF happened here?" Then I get a kill, and the teams score goes down a hundred some points, and every kill we got, score went down. As for the other team, their score was shooting WAY up. Now I want to ask 2 things here. First; What the Hell was going on in that game? And second, why isnt triarc or whoever owns COD BO doing something to put a stop to this?


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Create a short clip in Theater Mode and post it here for us to see.  If you're going to cry wolf, provide a little evidence of that wolf.  It's not hard.

Put it in your file share. Report it. If you know how to, render a 30 second clip to youtube. I would love to see this.

If you are putting it in your fileshare for us to see, you are better off just puting the whole match in your fileshare.

If you do a clip, it takes away the ability to view it from different perspectives.

There may be more going on than just the score . ya never know.

alright, I'll put the game up on my file share. I imagine its similar/ if not the same as Halo theatre and all that

I just went through the film and it was different from what I was seeing in the game. Sorry I can't give any evidence then...

Another "myth" with no proof. Thats number 100,345, this month.

Everybody makes mistakes, not a big deal.  Next time be sure to verify what you're claiming before you come onto a forum to lampoon "cheaters" on Black ops.

He is right same happened to me I bumped into a guy and fired an entire clip into him and every bullet went straight thru him as if he were nt there we were more or less touching each other that's how close we were then he fires one round and I'm dead. I checked in the theatre from his perspective  and I was just stood there like a lump of wood for about 3 secs then he pops me off so Wat really happened was not showcased in theatre mode

sorry but lag happened andy. and one more thing. YOU JUST GOT TREYARCH'D