Cheating is still rampant on MW2.

Was watching this guy on Justin tv, using a UV hack.  So he sees you the whole game, no matter what you have on, your always visible to him and his buddies.


Lets just say they didnt lose 1 game of demolition or domination.  The worst part, was they rubbed salt in the other teams wounds, by running around with rpg and getting their kills.  And when only 1 guy was left on Demolition, they would run crazy, with rpg trying to get  last kill.


i reported every username in his party, but sadly, he probably has 10 accounts, so he still has 9 left.


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no surprise there.

That's just something we have to deal with and be the better people. At least it is not like on CoD 4 where you get a person who makes your team lose in 5 seconds xD

well atlest they didn't have J-Tags

When I report him, he will have 8 left and every one is costing him (or his parents) more money:-)

A waste of your time.  They aren't supporting the game anymore.

What do you have to loose but the 15 sec it takes to report these idiots. You might get lucky!

[quote user="Aphillyated 22"]

A waste of your time.  They aren't supporting the game anymore.

[/quote] they never supported this game since day 1

They did support it, until they were canned. If they do this, they must still suck because no one ever sees me when I'm wearing cold blooded.