cheating in modern warfare 1

i have come across a gamer that has been cheating and hacking modern warfare 1 making able for him to leave the map and kill you through walls. the gamer tag is tearinggoblin. avoid this player if possable. while playing him he has been able to put web link in the game telling about a website to get free hacks and mods. if you do play him by chance leave, and report him then change your password and secret question, plus post a forum about it.


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i think this may be the first ever incident of this.

As long as you're not stupid enough to give away your personal information, there is no need to change your password/question. People will never have access to those.

What has happened to this game?

Just tried FFA for the first time in AGES, the game has been sat on my shelf since about 2 years / 18 months ago.

The first lobby I see has loads of neon text crap about God Mode and infections and someone is rapidly firing an infinite auto-tube, and the second one has a sniper floating above the map.


I was thinking about this text crap but wouldn't that be fixed by a game update that changed that only official  iw server messages were accepted and shown all other would be ignored and not displayed or just get rid of it all together personally I don't even care to see who shot who anyways ;) And for those that do what would you rather have none or only crap ?

overt where have you been for the past 6 should check out the negative xp posts if you dont want to lose the multiplayer and you should play world at will realise this game isnt that badly least there isnt a god mode so they can still be killed..not yet anyway.