Cheating in Halo 4

Why do some people feel it is necessary to cheat in this game? Are they realy that unskilled? I have even had some approach me about a "sure shot" and  a "permanent overshield". REALLY??? If you can't play without cheating, then they should make all the cheaters play together. Oh no, wait, that wouldn't be much fun for the cheaters, now would it?? Seriously people, 343 did a great job with this game and you people are ruining it, so either go play with yourselves or just stay off of it, period!!


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ok, that came out wromg, the play with yourselves thing, but you know what I meant and you know who you are

Your message is well intended, but it's falling on mostly deaf ears. You're not going to find a lot of cheaters on this forum. But yes, I agree with you. I haven't encountered any cheaters on Halo 4 thus far, but if you do encounter one, simply report them and move on. It's the only thing you can do.

Some people are so sad that they have to resort to actions like that to make themselves feel better inside.

i have yet to see any of this stuff


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Good frickin' game?

How do you know if someone is cheating? I just started playing this game and actually love it considering i'm a G.R. R.B.6.V. guy.

Anyone looking for more halo players? I hate cheaters as well, nothing makes me maddder while playing than someone cheating.

I don´t like cheaters that keep teleporting me in front of a wall cause I kill them too many times.

I don´t like boosters. I was in a match of boosters.

We played Majestics DLC

I was in the group that had to die while the other team got kills.

Those things are annoying. I hooked up my headset and asked if I play with boosters…

Don´t know if it was cause they were caught or cause I still killed the other team on my own,

or cause they did hear my voice and realized a women let them look like jerks…

After I said that, my team magically did a bunch of kills.

We still lost cause the time ran out.

Those people go on my nerves and you can´t tell me I was wrong.

Two of my teammates jumped form 2 and 0 kills to 10 very quick.

They wanted to boost the kills of the other team.

I understand why, I triple killed them all the time.

They where very bad.

But that don´t excuse that they ruin the fun for me.

All this cheaters and boosters are annoying.

* Please try a lower page number.

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